September 02, 2009

Crafty Synergy is back!

Hello again! I'm back to continue spreading the word about more amazing artists. In an effort to be efficient, I've decided that I will continue to post the interviews on my A Little Hut blog each Thursday. Each post will be tagged with Crafty Synergy so they will be easy to find.

I hope that you continue to visit and enjoy the new interviews that will be forthcoming. Thank you so much!

Follow all Crafty Synergy interviews here


Michelle | Cicada Studio said...

Cool! Can't wait.

Quicksilvercountry said...

Welcome back to the fold, will look forward to the interviews

bigBANG studio said...

Fantastic blog! Ooooo I can't wait to follow your posts for all sorts of creative inspiration. If you're ever up for giant chicken paintings or papercuts, I know someone;) Cheers!

Angela Brian said...

my goodness.

your blog is a complete gem.

i am so glad that i am here.